DCFII der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Founded in 1743, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nuremberg (FAU) has a rich history. As one of the top universities in Europa, FAU has almost 40 000 students, over 576 professors and more than 500 partnerships with universities all over the world.

According to recently published QS World University Rankings 2018, FAU is ranked as the academic institution that has produced the most widely cited publications in Germany. In Reuters latest ranking of Europes most innovative universities, FAU is ranked at number 6 and remains at second place among German universities


The responsibility of the university is not only to cultivate talents, but also to promote scientific progress, and to disseminate the knowledge. Science and knowledge, as the soul of civilization, can never be lonely isolated in the ivory tower.

They need to be tightly associated with our social life and play a role in improving human life. Industry, as the body of human civilization, is the direct evidence that science transforming into productive forces; while information technology, as the language of human civilization, facilitates sharing knowledge worldwide and accelerates the progress of civilization.

This is the purpose of Deutsche Chinesische F?rderverein Industrie- und Informationstechnologie (DCFII), and I believe this is also the noble ideals of any scientific researcher.

The rapid development in China, especially the development in industry, is worthy of attention. According to IMF and CIA, China is ranked at number 1 by industrial output in 2016. I have visited China many times, and each time left me a good impression. In my opinion, this is a country that respects knowledge and needs knowledge.

As the former Chinese Chairman Xiaoping Deng once said: 'Science is the first productive force'. It is just the science and technology leads to the rapid development of this country. Therefore, as an international development association at FAU, China is our primary consideration. We sincerely hope to get acquainted with more research institutions, universities or corporative companies in China and Germany. Within the framework of the law, we are willing to provide friendly assistance to both parties.

Best regards,

President of DCFII