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You are a miner. When you discover the cave deep enough, you will definitely find your precious.

During that journey in this dark world, you will enjoy the atmosphere there, excited about the shiny gold in the dark, or get to know more miners like yourself. But you might also be aware that all of you are getting further and further from the real world.

Some of you concentrate on digging even deeper, and some of you are dreaming someday back onto the ground, living a luxury life with the gold you found in that cave.

However, in the bright world outside, you might be an artisan. You have unparalleled talent and all you need, is just one particular piece of metal, to finish your outstanding sculpture.

Or, you are a traveling poet. You prefer to experience the life of the hard-working miners and write them a new song.

Or, you are just a young man, who has heard enough legends about warrior fighting with a dragon to explore the cave one step further, and now, it is time for you to discover the cave for yourself.

Or, you are the king. You want to find the best miners there, and offer him a large reward...

And therefore, here we are. We are the people who have totally discovered both worlds and we have established a convenient transport channel between the mysterious cave inside and the vivid world outside.

Our channel, DCFII, starts from two countries point to point, but definitely not limited to these.

No matter who you are, or which world you are located in----find us, we offer you back a better one.