Lists of Projects


Conference and Academic Exchanges

Whether you come from China or other countries, DCFII is pleased to organize all academic exchanges and visits for you.

We will arrange all official invitations,academic exchanges, official visits, accommodation and food, and provide your team a Guide and translator who studies in your major and owns a master's degree or above.

We will ensure that all your activities in Germany full of harvest and valuable, relaxed and enjoyable.

All things can be arranged flexible!

German Experts and Professors visit China

We will organize such activities regularly every year: DCFII will organize several German experts and professors to form a delegation, and conduct a targeted return visit based on the needs from Chinese governments, enterprises or universities.

During the period, the experts will supply valuable advice according to the difficulties of the Chinese organizations.

As a comprehensive research university, we are built up by experts in almost all the fields, especially industrial 4.0, enterprise transformation and upgrading, intelligent city and intelligent manufacturing and other hot spot topics.

Hence the topics will not listed in detail. For further questions please feel free to contact us!