Member Profile


Prof.Dr. Rainer. Fink

Department Chemie und Pharmazie

Research Areas

Organic thin film devices (OFETs) and polymer-based solar cells

Novel magneto-optical memory devices based on spin-crossover complexes

In-operando electron spectroscopies

Organic hybrid materials, phase-change materials

Soft x-ray spectromicroscopy, aberration-corrected XPEEM/LEEM

Ultimately resolving zone-plate based x-ray microscopy, instrumentation development (PolLux, NanoXAS)

Scientific Activities and Leadership

2006 Founding member and Spokesman of the Interdisciplinary Center of Interface-controlled Processes (IC-ICP) at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

2007-2011 Students Dean for the Study programmes Chemistry and Molecular Science

2010-2012 Head of the Ph.D. Commission of the FAU School of Sciences

2009-2013 Elected Member of the German Committee "Research with synchrotron radiation"

Since 2015: Member Internationalization Committee at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg

Since 2010: Recruiter of potential Chinese PhD students

Board Member of the DFG Research Training Group GRK 1896 "In situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes"(since 10/2013)

Reviewer for various scientific journals, synchrotron radiation facilities, and funding organizations

Awards and Memberships

1992-1993 Fellowship Rijksbankens Jubileumsfonds (Stockholm)

2015 Fellowship President Initiative for Foreign Investigators (PIFI) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)